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little warrior

Little Warrior (aka Lex Casciato) is a singer, songwriter, & producer born in Pittsburgh, PA and currently residing in Los Angeles. Armed with powerful lyrics and lush, angelic vocals, Little Warrior’s songs focus on a variety of topics from relationships to existentialism with love as a resounding cadence layered on top of deep, electronic beats for a rich, trip-hop + alt r&b + chill-wave vibe.


Little Warrior’s eclectic style draws influence from early 2000s trip-hop artists and chill R&B/soul vibes while adding her own fresh, philosophical-pop moodiness. 


Inspired by cinema, late night drives, & romantic nostalgia, Little Warrior’s music makes for a harmonious relationship with film and tv. She’s had several of her songs featured in major motion pictures including two on-screen performances as Little Warrior.


Little Warrior’s eclectic style is reminiscent of artists like BANKS, Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Fever Ray, Little Dragon, Tricky, Massive Attack, & Portishead. Sounds like your guardian angels on a late night drive talking about the human condition and love. 

"Little Warrior has one of the most beautifully pure voices in modern music. Her melodies and textures are haunting and seductive. Her onscreen performance in 'Debt Collector 2' is graceful and full of poise and brings so much color to the scene."

- Sean Murray, Music Supervisor & Film Composer

"Her music is fresh and full of soul that honestly has our hearts melted. A voice of pure emotions that you’d probably catch at a sunset time slot at Coachella."

- Global Dance Electronica

“Downtempo electronic artist Little Warrior creates a fiery signature sound merging classic trip hop and chill R&B with a fresh, eclectic energy and moody, atmospheric vocals.”

- Blue Dot Recordings

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