© 2019 by Little Warrior

Little Warrior is a singer, songwriter, & producer born in Pittsburgh, PA and currently residing in Los Angeles. Her lush, angelic vocals meet deep, electronic beats for a rich trip-hop + chill-wave vibe. 


In 2016, Little Warrior teamed up with producer Ryan Short to release her first singles "How Do I Be Strong" and "So Far Away" via Heaven Noise Recordings. In 2017, she worked with hip-hop artists Goldini Bagwell and illmac as a featured vocalist on their album "EtheReal" and collaborated with rapper Myke Bogan on the song “Far Away” and later remixed his song “Suun” (featured on Spotify’s “Mellow Bars” playlist with over half a million followers).


To kick off the new year, Little Warrior released the single “Sync to Me” co-written & produced by Ryan Short. LW returns to the studio to craft her debut EP scheduled to be released summer/fall of 2018.


Little Warrior’s eclectic style draws influence from early 2000s trip-hop artists and chill R&B vibes while adding her own fresh, philosophical-pop moodiness. 


Little Warrior sounds like Portishead, Halsey & Lana Del Rey getting high around a campfire and talking about existentialism and love.