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​"Her songs drift melodically, all trip hop electronica with the lightest of touches.  Her sweet, fine vocals ever so slowly unfolding her stories of love, breakups, loneliness and searching, aching for her happy ending.


It's gorgeously produced, full of purposeful subtleties. 

It requires your attention, definitely not background music, the nuances and moods shift as the space between the music widens and widens until it's barely there….

quite a trick!


It hearkens strongly to Portishead, but with a little less intensity.  A bit more Lana Del Rey then, but the vocals are lighter, more angelic.  There’s a distinct cinematic quality too. Some spoken word, some cleverly placed dialogue…very 90s.  It’s a message, a quiet cry in the dark.  The sounds spin and turn around the voices, layered so intricately and breathlessly.  It deserved several listens in fact. I recommend you play it in the dark, in stillness."

- NoHo Arts District

This Is:
Little Warrior

The Return

Flight Risk


Little Airplanes

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